If your family is filling more than 20 prescriptions a year, you may be entitled to a prescription subsidy card under the prescription subsidy scheme in New Zealand.

What is a Prescription Subsidy?

This is a subsidy to help reduce costs on people and families who are prescribed a lot of medicines. You become eligible for the subsidy once you have paid for 20 new prescription medicine items from 1 February each year to the end of January each year.

Who Qualifies for a Prescription Subsidy?

If you, your partner or your dependents aged 13 – 18 and you reach the threshold by combining prescription items over  20-items.

How do I find out how many items my family has filled?

Just tell our pharmacist the names of all the people in your family and we can look it up in our computer. Let us know if you have filled the prescriptions else where, for example at the emergency doctors – so we can look the numbers up online. This information is gathered electronically so you no longer need to keep your receipts.

Things to consider:

Because children under 13 do not pay prescription fees, these do not count towards the 20 item threshold.


How do I qualify for a Prescription Subsidy?

Talk to one of our pharmacists and make sure he or she knows the names and ages of all the people in your family. We will check the electronic records for Canterbury to see how many prescriptions have been filled for any eligible family members since February 1st that year to see if you have reached 20 items.

Are there any other charges for my medicine?

As not all medicines are funded, discuss any questions you have about prescription charges with your pharmacist.

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