Adoratheraphy Has landed in Christchurch – Join the mood boosting revolution

Have you been asking “where can I buy adorotheraphy in Christchurch? After stalking these guys on instagram, we are really excited to have this new aromatherapy range of mood-boosting aromatherapy based fragrances. Each bottle can help boost your mood.

These days woman are looking for beautiful fragrances and skincare products that will not put an increased toxic load on their skin. That is why we really like these little fragrance sticks – which you use just like a perfume – but they are all natural.

Here is a little video I put together to tell you a little more about adorotheraphy products and 5 ways to use them to support your mood.

So what is in the Adoratheraphy range and what can it do for you?

There is a range of blends to suit whatever mood you would like to boost. From seductive to focused.

Here is a great video from the creator to tell you how they work.

Here is a little infographic we found to tell you a little more about that.

adrotheraphy aromatheraphy fragrances


How much do they cost?

At the moment they are priced under $40 Рwhich is amazing for a mood-boosting fragrance you can take anywhere. Here is a picture we took of the stand which you can find near the counter.



Come try one of our testers in store and feel the difference. These are also great as gifts that will not break the bank.


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