Why we are different

We give you the best healthspan advice and support in Christchurch.

Health Span Advice

Our team have acquired specialist knowledge in the area of nutrition, pharmaceuticals and a good healthy lifestyle. Our goal is to help people understand what they can do to improve their healthspan and decrease their sick span.

Treatment Optimisation

Feeling a little run down? unsure about the medications you are taking, how to use them or possible interactions? Then come talk to our treatment optimization pharmacists, we can look at your medicine management, assess needs and requirements and offer advice.

Why shop with us?

It is easy to find a park. You can pop into the shops or grab a bite while you wait. Everything you need in one place. Shop for gifts, stock up on beauty products, find the right supplements, get the best skincare advice or optimise your medicines with one of our friendly team.

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Find us on the car park side of THE COLOMBO

Sydenham + Pharmacy Is located at the back of THE COLOMBO Mall on Colombo Street, Sydenham, 8023, Christchurch, New Zealand on the car park side

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